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  1. Architect and Interiors India - March 2018 English | 84 pages | True PDF | 317.8 MB DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  2. Daniel Fleisch, "A Student's Guide to Maxwell's Equations" 2008 | ISBN: 052187761X, 0521701473 | PDF | 144 pages | 2 MB Gauss's law for electric fields, Gauss's law for magnetic fields, Faraday's law, and the Ampere-Maxwell law are four of the most influential equations in science. In this guide for students, each equation is the subject of an entire chapter, with detailed, plain-language explanations of the physical meaning of each symbol in the equation, for both the integral and differential forms. The final chapter shows how Maxwell's equations may be combined to produce the wave equation, the basis for the electromagnetic theory of light. This book is a wonderful resource for undergraduate and graduate courses in electromagnetism and electromagnetics. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  3. SlideFlow - Slideshow on TV 1.0.2 | macOS | 23 mb Create animated photo slideshow with background music. Zoom on faces. Play slideshow directly on a smart TV, or export to a video file. : Full Version - included : Create animated photo slideshow with background music. Zoom on faces. Play slideshow directly on a smart TV, or export to a video file. Enjoy the most natural viewing experience, presenting the full photograph, and then applying Ken Burns effect to zoom on human faces! SlideFlow is remarkably easy to use: just drop some photos and click "Play"! SlideFlow works over your local Wi-Fi network with many modern smart TVs. For example with most Samsung, LG, and Sony TVs of 2012 and later models. It is also expected to work with other DLNA devices. Please SlideFlow for free and check if your device and network setup are supported. : Full Version - included : OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit : DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  4. American Girls in Red Russia: Chasing the Soviet Dream by Julia L. Mickenberg English | March 15th, 2018 | ASIN: B06WWCG8PG, ISBN: 022625612X | 432 Pages | EPUB | 3.40 MB If you were an independent, adventurous, liberated American woman in the 1920s or 1930s where might you have sought escape from the constraints and compromises of bourgeois living? Paris and the Left Bank quickly come to mind. But would you have ever thought of Russia and the wilds of Siberia? This choice was not as unusual as it seems now. As Julia L. Mickenberg uncovers in American Girls in Red Russia, there is a forgotten counterpoint to the story of the Lost Generation: beginning in the late nineteenth century, Russian revolutionary ideology attracted many women, including suffragists, reformers, educators, journalists, and artists, as well as curious travelers. Some were famous, like Isadora Duncan or Lillian Hellman; some were committed radicals, though more were just intrigued by the "Soviet experiment." But all came to Russia in search of social arrangements that would be more equitable, just, and satisfying. And most in the end were disillusioned, some by the mundane realities, others by horrifying truths. Mickenberg reveals the complex motives that drew American women to Russia as they sought models for a revolutionary new era in which women would be not merely independent of men, but also equal builders of a new society. Soviet women, after all, earned the right to vote in 1917, and they also had abortion rights, property rights, the right to divorce, maternity benefits, and state-supported childcare. Even women from Soviet national minorities-many recently unveiled-became public figures, as African American and Jewish women noted. Yet as Mickenberg's collective biography shows, Russia turned out to be as much a grim commune as a utopia of freedom, replete with economic, social, and sexual inequities. American Girls in Red Russia recounts the experiences of women who saved starving children from the Russian famine, worked on rural communes in Siberia, wrote for Moscow or New York newspapers, or performed on Soviet stages. Mickenberg finally tells these forgotten stories, full of hope and grave disappointments. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  5. Neoplastic Diseases of the Blood, Sixth Edition By Peter H. Wiernik English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 3123 Pages | ISBN : 3319642626 | 54.23 MB The new edition of this textbook integrates the history, epidemiology, pathology, pathophysiology, therapeutics, and supportive care of modern neoplastic hematopathology. Now in its sixth edition, this classic and invaluable text brings together a team of internationally renowned experts and offers in-depth coverage of the complex interface between diagnosis and therapy. The textbook is divided into five major sections, with the first four covering the spectrum of hematologic neoplasia, including chronic leukemias and related disorders, acute leukemias, myeloma and related disorders, and lymphomas, and the fifth section covering a variety of topics in supportive care. Chapters are presented in an accessible and easy-to-read layout, providing updates on the tremendous progress made in the last decade in the understanding of the nature of hematologic malignancies and their treatment. Neoplastic Diseases of the Blood, Sixth Edition is an authoritative and indispensable resource for students, trainees, and clinicians, sure to distinguish itself as the definitive reference on this subject. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  6. Home & Decor - April 2018 English | 148 pages | True PDF | 23.0 MB DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  7. Inside the Box: How Crossfit Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body by T. J. Murphy English | 20 Sept. 2012 | ISBN: 1934030902 | 192 Pages | AZW3 | 2.06 MB From humble roots in the garage of fitness guru Greg Glassman to over 3,000 rough-and-tumble gym spaces CrossFit is a gritty, grassroots fitness phenomenon, with an open-source exercise platform, dedicated to improving lives by improving fitness. Its fervent practitioners, known as CrossFitters, are as competitive as they are sweaty, striving for the pride of marking their time atop the list of the day s top performers. CrossFit s boxes are brick-walled industrial warehouses, gyms, and garages floored with rubber mats and chock full of kettlebells, free weights, ropes, medicine balls, truck tyres, jump ropes, and bags of chalk. CrossFitters race to complete the day s prescribed workout, many named after fallen war heroes, with exercises that include burpees, box jumps, clean and jerks, and pull-ups as many times as they can in a designated time period. Workouts are intense, leaving spent athletes dripping with sweat and glowing with endorphin-fuelled satisfaction. In a departure from sterile mainstream gyms, it is camaraderie that keeps CrossFitters coming back week after week for their hour of high-intensity suffering that and the promise of weight loss and a sculpted physique. Its practitioners know well that CrossFit has changed lives, forming biggest losers into lean, mean evangelists. Author and veteran CrossFitter T.J. Murphy takes up CrossFit to find out why it works, how it feels, and whether it can fix his broken-down body. In the process, he discovers a fascinating fitness phenomenon with a culture all its own. Murphy goes inside the box to shed light on the extraordinary community of CrossFit, as well as the science behind the sport and why this fast-growing fitness movement is coming soon to a garage near you. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  8. Duplicate File Detective 6.1.62 Professional / Enterprise Edition | 41.5/41.5 Mb Duplicate File Detective uses state-of-the-art file content analysis technology to show you exactly where your duplicate files are (even when the file names are different). You can search multiple folders, drives, removable storage devices, even network shares - all in a single pass. Then move, zip, or remove duplicate files safely with assistance from our innovative SmartMark duplicate file selection system. Feature: Find exact duplicates based upon file contents (with optional byte-for-byte matching) Built-in scheduler makes it easy to run reports on a scheduled or recurring basis Choose which duplicate files to process using our SmartMark assisted selection technology Support for master search paths, allowing users to check for duplicates against an authoritative source folder Powerful file hash caching technology improves file comparison performance. Move, delete, or zip duplicate files with the built-in Duplicate File Manager tool Replace duplicate files with shell, symbolic, or hard links to the originals Remove empty folders while deleting or moving duplicate files Move duplicate files while retaining the original folder structure Extremely robust command line interface for integration and automation support Find duplicate music files via audio tag extraction and analysis Comprehensive search filtering - limit searches by file name, date, size, length, and more Search multiple local and network paths in a single pass Export duplicate file search results in XML, HTML, CSV, TXT, PDF, and Excel file formats Re-import duplicate file search results from XML data files Compare the contents of individual files within zip archives Powerful file type reports shows which duplicate file types are consuming the most space Built-in file hash / checksum calculation tool (supports CRC32, ADLER32, MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512) Amazing enterprise-grade scalability - handles even the largest file systems with ease Media preview window with support for common image, video, and audio file formats Highly customizable duplicate file search report with sorting, printing, and much more File content hash / checksum caching technology for improved performance Email support allows reports to be sent via the command line or scheduler interfaces Support for low-priority I/O operational mode on Windows Vista and later Automatic NTFS compression of qualified file types (HTML, CSV, XML) during export Robust shell context menu provides access to duplicate search from within Windows Explorer, etc. Automatic update checking with optional HTTP proxy authentication support Project-based architecture allows you to save and load duplicate search projects with ease Fully customizable, easy-to-use ribbon bar interface Powerful operational logging through all phases of file discovery and comparison Duplicate File Detective runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008 & 2003. Full, native 32 and 64 bit support for all operating systems. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  9. WFM Style - April/May 2018 English | 94 pages | True PDF | 12.0 MB DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  10. Agile Security

    Agile Security MP4 | Video: AVC 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | Duration: 1.5 Hour | 1.71 GB Genre: eLearning | Language: English As we move towards architectures designed to cope with changing requirements, and eternal services that go live and iterate, how can we manage change in a secure way? How can we possibly build secure systems in this environment? If you work in a governmental or regulated industry, then you'll already be familiar with the hollow promises of accreditation. That's commonly the thing left until the end, about the same time as the testing, and gives rise to the concept that security is the team that just says No. What if it could be different? What if a service could be continually accredited, continually tested against a baseline of security tests, and that the team was able to own and manage the risk register? DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  11. Escape From Freedom by Erich Fromm English | 1966 | ISBN: 0380474727 | 334 Pages | PDF | 56.5 MB The pursuit of freedom has indelibly marked Western culture since Renaissance humanism and Protestantism began the fight for individualism and self-determination. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  12. A. McCosker, "Intensive Media: Aversive Affect and Visual Culture" English | 2013 | ISBN: 113727350X | PDF | pages: 194 | 1.0 mb There is something unsettling, but also powerful, in the encounter with individual and collective experiences of human suffering. Intensive Media explores the discomfort and fascination initiated by instances of pain and suffering, their 'aversive affects', as they trouble but also vitalise contemporary media environments. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  13. VA - Rappers Delight (2017)

    Release Name: VA - Rappers Delight (2017) Size: 1.26 GB Genre : Rap, Hip-Hop, RnB - - Tracklist: 001. Post Malone - Patient 002. Tech N9ne - Love (feat. Rittz) 003. Justin Timberlake - Treads 004. Nobigdyl - Doors 005. Bluestaeb - Tomorrow We Will Love Again 006. Rico Richie - Millions 007. Die Antwoord, God - Dazed & Confused 008. Sean Price, Rock - Fuck Dat Rapper 009. Ray Charles - I Got A Woman 010. Kevvy - Oxymorons 011. Pries - Stay Woke 012. Timbaland, Aaliyah - Shakin' 013. Sofiane - Parti De Rien 014. Bodega Bamz - Hell Iz Real 015. Machine Gun Kelly - Can't Walk 016. Dream Mclean - Network (Chase & Status Remix) 017. Trick Daddy ft Trina - Nann (Acapella Dirty) 018. Currensy, Purps - Paper 019. Iggy Azalea - Three Day Weekend 020. Currensy - Game for Sale 021. Axwell ? Ingrosso - I Love You (feat. Kid Ink) 022. I Am Legion - Make Those Move 023. Ariana Grande - Everyday (feat. Future) 024. Southpaw Swagger - Can't Stop Now 025. Apollo Brown, Evidence - Theres Always Radio 026. Jadakiss, Jeezy - Critical 027. Flipsyde Piper - Happy Birthday 028. Ultramagnetic MCs - Critical Breakdown 029. Dave ft Drake - Wanna Know (Remix) (Dirty) 030. Dave ft Drake - Wanna Know (Remix) (Clean) 031. Anderson .Paak, Rapsody - Without You 032. Rockie Fresh - Thought About It 033. Mistah F.A.B., CMT - Son of a Pimp 034. Trick Daddy ft Trina - Nann (Instrumental) 035. Blackalicious - The Hour Glass 036. Tuki Carter - Commando 037. Jeremih - 05 - Poppin 2 No Panties 038. Rock - I Am Rock 039. Freeway - First Thing's First 040. Lupe Fiasco - Never Lies 041. Kokane - Hello 042. Keyzer - Money, Cash, Cars 043. Karol Conka - Voce Nao Vai 044. Lil Kim feat Trooper Da Don - Kimnotyze 045. Young Money Yawn - No Competition 046. Maitre Gims - Zoum Zoum 047. Asap Ferg, Lil Uzi Vert, Marty Baller - Uzi Gang 048. Pitbull feat. Jason Derulo - Educate Ya 049. Krizz Kaliko - No No's 050. Asap Ferg, Skrillex, Crystal Caines - Hungry Ham 051. Casey Veggies, Ty Dolla Sign - All Night 052. Tech N9ne - Put Em On 053. Joey Badass - Front & Center (Intro Clean) 054. K Theory - Open Wound 055. Voice Delegation - A Lonely Saturday Night 056. Coma feat. LTC - Requiem 057. Gucci Mane, Chaz Ghotti - Ran Wit It 058. Aphrodite - Ready Or Not 059. Reniq - Jeanny 060. French Montana, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross - Gucci Mane 061. Ruste Juxx, Blaze - Wipe Off Ya Smile 062. Apoch - Diamond Lane (Prod. Fantom) 063. Eve - Let Me Blow Ya Mind 064. The Doc - It's Funky Enough 065. Two Ruff - Owner Of A Lonely Heart 066. Eric XL Singleton vs Sinclair & Wilde - When She's Gone 067. Trip Carter - Dose (Prod. Sad Money) 068. Papa Bear feat. Jan Van Der Toorn - Wonderful Life 069. Wiz Khalifa & Iggy Azalea - Go Hard or Go Home 070. Public Enemy - SOC MED Digital Heroin 071. David Banner - Swag 072. Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full 073. K Maro - Gangsta Party 074. Lamar - Too Many Nights 075. Strike - I Have Peace 076. S-Crew - On va le faire 077. Young Roddy - Real Talk 078. TwonDon - Supreme (feat. JAG) 079. Kanye West ft Lupe Fiasco - Touch the Sky 080. Lartiste - Ca me va 081. Guilty Simpson - Bag It Up 082. Black Attack - Heartless 083. Organized Noize - Set It Off 084. Akon - Belly Dancer (Instrumental) 085. Diddy, Sevyn Streeter - Help Me 086. Hooss - Tout va bien 087. Charlie Wilson - Better 088. Prophet G - Ghettogame 089. Rim'K - Hitch Feat Sadek 090. Tech N9ne Collabos, Ces Cru, Stevie Stone - Strangeulation 091. Sean Price ft Bizzare Royale - Rising to the Top 092. Raven Felix - If You Only Knew (feat. Rob $tone) 093. Xzibit - Release Date 094. Jeezy - G-Wagon (Intro Dirty) 095. Apollo Brown, Vinnie Paz Blacastan - Walk with Me 096. Young Dolph - All About 097. Tupac feat. Nutso - Ghetto Star 098. Warren G - Regulate 099. Eminem - Mockingbird 100. Onyx & Dope D.O.D. - Can't Hear You feat. Sickflo 101. Barack Adama - Personne pour rattraper l'autre 102. Blakface, Oh - 95 State of Mind 103. Luniz - I Got 5 On It (featuring Michael Marshall) 104. Young Thug - Safe 105. Sincerely Collins, Troy Ave - Limelight 106. Tinie Tempah - So Close (feat. Guy Sebastian & Bugzy Malone) 107. Subway - Surfing 108. Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day 109. Gucci Mane - Fly Shit 110. Currensy, Corner Boy P & Fiend - Str8 111. Desiigner - Outlet 112. Chris Webby - Brass Tacks 113. PackFM - Click Clack (Gettin' Up Remix) 114. Snoop Dogg, Swizz Beatz - Light It Up 115. Poldoore, Sleepy Wonder - This Road 116. Sylk E. Fyne feat. Chill - Romeo And Juliet 117. Raahiem - 04 - Fear 118. Marcus D - Dreamscape 119. Young Scooter, BMG Sunny, Ralo, VL Deck - In The Bricks 120. Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa - Bossed Up 121. 101 feat. Marvelous D. & Sandra Olajide - Who's Foolin' Who 122. Fliptrix, Kashmere - Madness 123. Corinne Bailey Rae - The Skies Will Break 124. Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj - Make Love 125. B.o.B - Under The Dome 126. Kendrick Lamar - LUST. 127. Don Omar - Bandaleros 128. Tank - Race Against Time Part (feat. Ja Rule) 129. Akon - Belly Dancer (Snip Hitz) (Clean) 130. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Road To The Riches 131. Down Low - Johnny B 132. IloveMakonnen, Drake - Tuesday 133. Massive Attack - I Against I 134. Cheb Rizki - Ana El Ghaltan 135. Sofiane - Mortal Kombat 136. Snoop Dogg feat. The Doors - Riders on the Storm 137. Nana - Lonely 138. Magic Affair - Homicidal 139. Grandmaster Flash - The Message 140. Kendrick Lamar - FEAR DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  14. Angular: Building on Azure Microservices MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 1 Hour 46M | 287 MB Genre: eLearning | Language: English Angular and .NET might seem like an unlikely pair, but using the best features of each framework, you can build smart, sleek applications and APIs. With the addition of Microsoft Azure, you have a robust and easy-to-use hosting option for your projects. In this course Robby Millsap shows how to develop secure .NET services with Angular and Azure. In the first part, he builds an Angular app on top of .NET; in the second, he constructs an API using .NET Core. Along the way, he shows how to secure your apps with Auth0, and deploy them using a continuous integration workflow with Visual Studio Team Services and GitHub. Plus, learn how to test your applications from front to back, and access libraries that will make your job that much easier. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  15. Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit | File size: 23 MB 4K Stogram is an Instagram downloader which allows you to download and backup Instagram photos and videos, even from private accounts. Download Instagram photos by hashtags or favorite locations! Features: * Grab photos of few account simultaneously and save it in JPEG on your desktop. * Follow your favourite photographers and get their latest photos automatically. * Download Instagram Stories as video or image files. * Login with your Instagram credentials and download photos of private friends accounts. * Access to your viewer directly from the application. * Download Instagram video in MP4 format. * Enjoy the minimalistic interface of application. Whats New : Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version HOMEPAGE DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)