ZippyMovieZ is not just a neat design with a whole bunch of code under it. Thousands of people have spent many hours to make this site welcoming and comfortable, so when you use it keep that in mind and have some respect for the work done by other people.

  • Do not leave any comments that are obscene, racist, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws. All comments that are left on torrent files should only contain information about the torrent. Multi commenting is not allowed.
  • Any type of video showing the death and murder of a human being is to be removed. However all religious texts and religious materials are allowed.
  • Any type of advertising and spam in comments, avatars, usernames, walls, torrents and over personal messages is not welcome. If you are interested in cooperation with ZippyMovieZ please contact the administration.
  • Any type of outside links are forbidden in the torrent comments, excluding links to subtitle-providing sites. The sites in question and the subtitle files have to be virus-free.
  • Please do not rate torrents that you personally have not downloaded. Rating or giving feedback to a torrent more than three times is also not allowed. If you rated one or two torrents by mistake, you won't be punished for this, but better notify a Mod about this.
  • Any kind of reputation point system abuse will be regarded as a serious violation.
  • ZippyMovieZ allows you to report torrents, comment, blog posts and messages that violate the rules of the website. But please use this function wisely! Reporting torrents without adding evidence will most likely result in the report getting removed. If finding a fake torrent, report it with valid reasons. Do not comment or give it feedback as this is rep abuse.
  • Asking for any kind of serial keys, hacks or cracks is forbidden in comments, forum threads, blog posts, statuses and walls!
  • If you discover a serious or a critical issue with ZippyMovieZ (for example a problem with security) you can bypass the Mod Team and contact our Staff members directly! But only in case of a really serious issue!
  • When you engage into discussion in our Community please stick to the local Netiquette. Respect the people that you communicate with, don’t post tons of meaningless messages and keep the discussion normal even if you are provoked into some conflict (better leave it to the Mods).
  • ZippyMovieZ has no religious priorities whatsoever, we support the freedom of choice in what concerns religion and therefore are not entitled to remove religious content that may appear abusive to followers of any of the existing religions. Nevertheless we leave the right to remove any religious content if we consider it generally extremist or harmful.
  • ZippyMovieZ has nothing against LGBT people and any abuses based on the sexual preferences of the other person will be classified as common abuse and punished by the mods.
  • If you for some reason skipped the rules, you will still be punished for violating them! Our Mod Team is really busy with various tasks, so they might have no time for understanding your unique "I was unaware of the rules" reason.
  • We are not very friendly toward the use of bots, so if we get too much bot requests from a certain IP - we might block it.
  • If you contact a moderator, don’t expect them to respond immediately. Moderators, Staff members and Administrators are very busy individuals, and it might take a while for them to respond to your message.
  • The Bloves Rule. If a user is unable to understand our rules or cooperate with the mods in solving the rule violation issue, he will fall under the the Bloves Rule and declared a persona non grata. Any of his further established accounts will be removed after a first serious violation and the staff will refuse to cooperate with this user in order to solve this problem.
  • We are open to any improvement ideas from our users and have a special IdeaBox for this. As soon as you get 500 reputation points you will be able to add your ideas there. Before suggesting an idea please read the short notice on the suggestion page. A user who continuously ignores this notice will get a 500 reputation penalty.



Words or phrases that need further explanation

  • Reputation abuse - Executing reputation gaining actions repeatedly to get a higher reputation count.
  • Fake torrent - A torrent file that spreads malware on your computer/asks you to do certain things before you can access the content (this includes filling in surveys for passwords).
  • Retagger - An uploader that has removed the respective uploader/encoder from the torrent title and/or description and taken the credit for himself.
  • Spam - Unwanted outside links / promotional offers.
  • ZippyMovieZ Netiquette - Not posting anything that is obscene, racist, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.



For Uploaders

Following things are forbidden in all types of torrents (description, torrent files, torrent name):

  • Spam or advertising;
  • Promotion of other torrent sites;
  • Foul language or insults (if it is not originally in the torrents name);
  • Statements, images or any other type of content, that can provoke violence or hatred, or are discriminative;



  • Any torrent that you upload can be removed due to legal issues. We are interested in keeping the site online and filled with content, but we are also obliged to remove content if we are contacted directly by the copyright owner.
  • If you have uploaded a torrent you have to seed it. Uploaders that don't seed their torrents will receive a warning and the torrents might be removed. If you are unable to seed for some reason please notify any of the Mods by PM or just leave a message in your status.
  • Before you upload a torrent make sure that it is real and working. If you uploaded a fake or non-working torrent by mistake remove it at once.
  • Copying torrents from other users is not welcome. Before you upload anything - check if the torrent is not already on the website. If the version that you are uploading is different from the existing ones - mention it in the description.
  • Faking the seed count is forbidden!
  • Rating and promoting your own torrent with comments on the torrent is forbidden, this also counts for leaving anonymous comments. Leaving comments on your torrent is possible only if you answer users' questions.
  • After you have uploaded 20 torrents and been an active uploader at the site for at least one month, you can apply to become a verified uploader. This entitles you to upload without captcha, and all your torrents will be verified by the system automatically and you’ll be listed on ZippyMovieZ’s upload page. The mod team serves the right to decline your application if they feel you’re not ready.
  • A good title is a must. For example for a movie the title must include such things as name of the movie, year of release and quality. It is not allowed to put any links in the title, but of course there is no problem with adding the name of your release group.
  • Adding screenshots, trailer and a sample is not mandatory, but is greatly appreciated.
  • If the contents of the torrent are password protected the password must be included in the torrent as a text file or in the description!
  • The uploaded torrent must be 100% virus and malware free. This is very important, because uploading an infected torrent will probably be the last thing you do as a verified uploader.
  • As soon as you become a verified uploader you automatically become more responsible for everything you upload, so there are a number of things that you need to keep track of, when you upload a torrent.
  • You are allowed to ask for donations as a compensation for your work, but you can do it only on your blog or profile (no in the comments or torrent description)!
  • Please do not dump torrents from major uploaders (like EZTV)! They have their accounts here and you're simply creating duplicates and filling the website with garbage. Following uploader group names are restricted to the groups only and can't be used in torrent names or description: SKIDROW, Reloaded, eztv, Maxspeed, NOGRP, SPARKS.
  • It is not allowed to retag a torrent (changing the original uploader/releaser/encoder/ripper in the torrent title).


Pornographic Materials

This part works for all parts of the website including the XXX section and closed adult groups. The following types of pornographic materials are not welcome on ZippyMovieZ:

  • Child pornography;
  • All types of zoophilia;
  • Any materials that involve real sadism, masochism, torture and violence;
  • Real rape and forced sex;
  • Coprophilia;
  • Incest that isn’t marked in the description and/or title as roleplay;
  • Any type of pornography that may provoke violence, conflicts or hatred.

Uploading, adding or leaving links to such content will be punished with an IP ban without any warning!


  • Openly placing any kind of pornographic pictures on any part of the website is forbidden!
  • If you upload pornographic content you have to be very careful with description. If you want the torrent to stay on ZippyMovieZ make sure that our Mods will not get a false impression (especially if the content happens to be on some kind of borderline). Please specify the studio or website that released the content and all related info like i.e. year. An additional screenshot/picture preview list is a must. It is not allowed to openly post pornographic images in the description, so please post them on any picture hosting and just make sure that it stays there for a long time period. Any suspicious torrent without a screenshot/picture preview list will be removed. If the screenshot/picture preview list turns out to be fake and the torrent violating the rules - your profile will be deleted and IP banned without any warning.


Profile and Blog

  • Creating multiple accounts is forbidden!
  • Please use good judgment when choosing username and avatar. Anything obscene, racist, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws will be removed by the Mod Team. Usernames can be composed only of numbers, latin letters and special symbols, and have to be within the ZippyMovieZ netiquette rules.
  • You have the possibility to change your nickname once after the registration and then once per 30 days after you've reached 1000 reputation points.
  • Any attempt to imitate a Mod, Admin or Staff username will be seriously punished.
  • Your profile, personal status and blog are your personal space, nevertheless the overall rules concerning racism, hatred, obscenity, personal abuse and violence still apply here. It is forbidden to post real violence, pornographic materials or any kind of offensive or religious propaganda. Any posts violating these rules will be removed or edited. You are allowed to use curse words and post links here, but if the link is harmful or the curse word is directed to another user it will be removed. It is also allowed to post links to other torrent sites here.
  • Please, use good judgement when writing your posts! Here on ZippyMovieZ, personal space is not an excuse for abusing other users or placing something like racist propaganda!
  • You are free to remove your profile, but we still keep some technical data for internal purposes.



The Do's

  • 01- Only post topics in the respective categories. By not doing so, the thread can be moved, merged with another topic or deleted.
  • 02- Communicate your problems to the mod/staff team. Communication is very important to keeping this site going!
  • 03- Help in every way you can.
  • 04- Avatar limit - 100x100.
  • 05- Sig limit - 600 pixels in total. EG: 500x100.
  • 06- Be creative and have fun!

The Dont's

  • 01- Do not post anything on this forum that is obscene, racist, hateful, nude or threatening.
  • 02- Don't be rude or flame anyone here.
  • 03- Don't give links to torrents outside of ZippyMovieZ unless it's not found on ZippyMovieZ and is clean.
  • 04- Serial numbers are only allowed by PM.
  • 05- Do not argue with mods in the open forum. (Use the pm's to discuss things)
  • 06- Do not post the same topic in more than one forum. Search the forum before making a topic.
  • 07- Don't cuss/curse/swear except for the adult type social groups.
  • 08- Avoid overusing special symbols or caps lock in thread names.



  • 1) Two pictures maximum per comment.
  • 2) A maximum of 3 comments in a row.
  • 3) No images containing swear words.
  • 4) No nudity, this includes see through clothing (wet tshirt pics etc...).
  • 5) No images that contain racist, hateful, sexually exploitative (straight, gay, paedophilia etc) material or any other form of image that may cause offence.
  • 6) All images in sexy threads are to be of over 18's, any that appear to be younger or cannot be verified are to be removed by moderators with or without warning.
  • 7) All image threads (except random images/gifs and non spam such as mug shot) are to be  so that these threads don't update on the main forum role.
  • 8) No threads over 1000 pages, any thread of that size is to be closed and a fresh one started by either the original creator or a moderator, other users are NOT to start new threads because the 1000 page limit has been reached, unless asked to do so by the original creator or a moderator.
  • 9) No duplication of thread themes, if we have a Fast Cars thread already going nobody else is to make one on the same theme.
  • 10) No Images in the Comment Section on Torrents other than the use of smilies above the text box.




  • Before you ask something - search the FAQ, the answer might already be here;
  • The question must be clear and in understandable English language, no internet slang and no other languages;
  • The question must be related to KAT website, all questions that concern general torrent or media fields will be removed;
  • If the question is related to an ongoing issue, please forward the issue to the mod team;
  • Any attempt to add spam or advertising will be punished;
  • Answering will take some time, so please have patience and we will try answer your question as soon as possible.




  • The administration holds no responsibilities for any damage that may occur while using our website or due to torrents downloaded through our website. You should fully understand the risk of what downloaded torrent files may do to your system.
  • The administration holds no direct responsibility for interaction between the users, but we do our best to regulate it. You are personally responsible for disclosing or exchanging any kind of personal information between you and other users through personal messages, statuses, comments or forum posts. We are not responsible for any harm that may occur due to such situations.
  • The administration holds no responsibility for any legal or copyright actions that might occur after the user downloads a torrent listed on our website. Each user should personally check local copyright laws and regulations or the rules of his internet provider.



  • And one more thing! ZippyMovieZ is huge, so if we missed something in the rules, it doesn't mean that it's okay to do so. If you don't see a 'no smoking' sign it doesn't mean that you can smoke here!